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Cat Sitting

Personalised in-home cat sitting that caters to your cat’s unique needs, keeping them happy, content and safe in their own space.

Our cat sitting service starts an initial welcome meeting, where we come to visit and get to know all about your cat.

During this meeting, we’ll talk about your cat, their routine, behaviours, habits and how we can keep to their usual routine as much as possible, to minimise stress and keep your cat comfortable during our visits.

Our bespoke approach

Bespoke cat sitting approach - alert calico kitten

We are fully insured and each cat sitter is DBS checked

What our visits include - fluffy cat chilling at home

Each and every cat is different and your visit may include additional services, however the routine we follow in your home is likely to include these more regular services:

  • Litter tray: scooping, full change, cleaning, fresh liners
  • Food: bowl washing, fresh food or biscuit top-ups, food timer setting
  • Water: bowl or fountain cleaning, full change, filter change, quick top-ups
  • Day-to-day home care: curtains, lights, alarm setting, plant watering
  • Medication: tablets, insulin, liquid, powder
  • Cat touch-ups: brushing, eye weeping/crust wiping

Last, but by far not least, playtime or quiet company! Once we’ve learned all about your cat in our welcome meeting, we’ll understand whether your cat is looking for a playmate or just someone to spend some quiet time with them.

What our visits may include

Our Prices

  • Our prices are per day and cover up to 3 cats in your home
  • Standard visits are 15-30 minutes long
  • Extended visits are 45 minutes long
1 visit per day
2 visits per day

Longer Visit Prices

We offer a wide range of visit times to suit your needs. If you would like us to spend more time with your cat, please see our table below for pricing.

1 visit per day
2 visits per day
1 hour
2 hours
3+ hours
Contact us for a price.
Contact us for a price.
Contact us for a price.
Contact us for a price.

We are also able to offer bulk-buy visit packages and discounts for long-stays.

Visits on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are charged at 2x the normal rate.

Do you have questions?

Our visits take place in the following timeslots:

Morning: 6am – 8.30am
Lunchtime (Weekends only): 11am – 2pm
Evening: 6pm – 9pm

The time of our visits are agreed with you during our welcome meeting.

If you need a time that is not listed above, please contact our team to talk through your requirements.

When do we visit?

When do we visit? Cat cleaning itself at home

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We understand it’s important to be sure about who you’re placing your cat in the care of.

We’d be more than happy to give you a call to talk through your questions.

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